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Overview of The Bretton Woods IV Convocation:


Live Free & Prosper can be likened to a barn raising, or — honoring our native roots — the raising of a new Longhouse. The Convocation’s foundation is, as described, monetary. Its ramparts address new directions in commerce, see “Resources US”. Its roof offers a new and encompassing vision for culture. An interest in one area does not imply an interest in the others. Each individual determines the focus and scope of his/her participation.


On this site you will find a page summarizing the Distinguishing Elements of The Bretton Woods IV Convocation, that which distinguishes the convocation from the prior 3 major conferences held at Bretton Woods.


The Distinguishing Elements relate to the program schedule or “The Offering” for the entire week: September 29 – October 6th. Related thereto are:


^ The North Country Resolution: Common Sense, which offers a cornerstone for the monetary foundation of the Convocation.


^ Community Resources US, which highlight new directions for commerce and culture that would lift the spirits and fortunes of our fellow citizens. These directions are inspired by the spirit of the Convocation: problems are, in fact, challenges, in truth opportunities.


The Resolution has grown out of a new understanding, or paradigm, for economics, which you’ll discover — one that is grounded in the human being, our humanity. We refer to this understanding as Concordian Economics. Insights are drawn from Emerson, Hawthorne, the Alcotts, Margaret Fuller, and Henry David Thoreau, who set the foundation stone for an economics, preeminently, of common sense. The first chapter of Thoreau’s perennial best-seller, Walden, is entitled “Economy”.


A page on the History of the work is offered, as are glimpses on separate pages for the Guiding Vision and the Local Area, the “North Country” of New Hampshire. Have a good look, if we may suggest. There is much to discover, above all the spectacular foliage of the autumn season.


You’ll find a separate Registration page. A warm welcome to fill it out. The con-vocation is, as noted, a calling-together — a call to collaborate! Interested residents of the North Country, New Hampshire, New England are inviting family members and friends from across the country and overseas to plan an autumn trip around the gathering.