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Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH

8:00: Opening Condolence Gathering:  Ka’nahsohon Deer, Faith-Keeper of the Longhouse, and fellow Native Elders

Location: Meet in front of the main entrance.


9:00: Musical Welcome: Violinist Alexander Romanuel, Bach “Chaconne”

Location: The Grand Ball Room


9:15: Overview of “The Bretton Woods IV Con-vocation: Live Free & Prosper ~ Toward the Redemption of Our Financial System & Restitution of Our Common Wealth”:  Stuart-Sinclair Weeks, Founder, The Center for American Studies

Location: The Grand Ball Room


9:30-10:30: The Calling-Together of Representatives of the Visiting Nations, beginning with those who were not present at the original 1944 Bretton Woods Conference

Location: The Grand Ball Room


Opening Remarks, Dr. Carmine Gorga, former Italian Fulbright Scholar & Scholar of Europe


10:30-11:00: Break


11:00-12:30: Opening Plenum:

Location: The Grand Ball Room


“Guiding Principles Toward the Healing of the Individual, ‘Body-Individual’ & the Healing of Society, the ‘Body-Social’”. Offerings will address:


* The Three Twin Principles of the Iroquois Confederation, Doug George-Kanentiio, Akwesasne Mohawk, Co-founder of the Native American Journalists Association & former Editor of the journal Akwesasne Notes, Oneida, NY


* The Three Guiding Principles of the United States of America, Richard Kotlarz, Founder, The Institute for the Redemption of Money, Minneapolis, MN


* Moses Dickson, Booker T. Washington & the Tuskegee Institute Normal School: An Education for Life, Princella Howard Dixon, Educator, Atlanta, Georgia & Wilhelmina Howard Harris, Founder, I Am Inc, Montgomery, Alabama


* The Vision of the Three-Fold Social Order presented by Rudolf Steiner, John Root, Monetary Historian, Lancaster, MA


* President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “Middle Way” Program, John Moses, Founder, Joseph of Arimathea Group, Richmond, Virginia


Responses by Participants.


12:30-1:30: Lunch


1:30-3:00: Panel: Commerce & Culture in the North Country — Lessons Learned.

Location: The Grand Ball Room


Opening Offering: Rick Tillotson will share some economic thoughts of a North Country entrepreneur, Neil Tillotson.


Reflections to follow by representatives of North Country organizations, corporations, alliances, networks, councils, addressing the question: What are the essential lessons you’ve learned in your work of economic and cultural development? The session will be moderated by New Hampshire Listens and its partner North Country Listens.


* Bob Deangelis, Exec. Director, Coos Development Corporation

* Mollie White, Co-founder of the Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network (WREN)

* Jon Freeman, President, The Northern Community Investment Corporation

* Christine Frost, Exec. Director, The North Country Council

* Andrea Mueller, Education Director, Appalachian Mountain Club

* Joe Short, Director, The Northern Forest Center


Concluding Reflections by Thaddeus Guldbrandsen, Vice Provost for Research & Engagement, Plymouth State College and students on problems-challenges–opportunities involved in lifting the spirits and fortunes of the North Country.


3:00-3:30: Break


3:30-4:30: Presentation of the North Country Action Plan: Responses invited from citizens of the Mount Washington Valley & North Country.

Location: The Grand Ball Room


4:30-5:00: Break


5:00: Concert / “Resonance Platform”

Location: The Grand Ball Room


Passages from “Prometheus Revisited: Beethoven Violin Concerto Op.61″, Miha Pogacnik, Violinist, Slovenia Cultural Ambassador.
Beethoven’s archetypal Opus unveils the unfolding drama — beyond words — of the Promethean fire-bearer of the truly enflamed human “I”. The surging musical flow of the opus reveals the liberating force of currency, the cultural “life-blood” of our national and global economies and societies.


6:00: Dinner


7:30: Festive Inauguration of “The Bretton Woods IV Convocation: Live Free & Prosper”

Location: The Grand Ball Room


^ Opening “Spiritual”, Amazing Grace: Vocalist, Wilhelmina Howard Harris, Co-Founder, I Am Inc., Native of Montgomery, Alabama. Wilhelmina opened the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.


^ Opening Verse of Alice Fogel, New Hampshire Poet Laureate


^ Setting the Stage: Autumn Gainer, North Country Charter Academy Student, will speak of Poverty: Problems-Challenges–Opportunities. “Ring the bell that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen.


^ Key Note Offerings: John Harrigan, North Country Columnist.


^ Inauguration of The North Country Action Plan. The plan sets a cornerstone toward the establishment of a non debt-based monetary system.


Day-end reading from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s beloved tale The Great Stone Face about NH’s “Old Man of the Mountain”.